External Wifi dongle stopped working

Hi guys,

I use two external USB wifi dongle’s, one is RLT 8192eu, the other I have no idea. Both are plug&play and used to work perfectly for a year or so and suddenly stopped. Changed the USB hub - nothing, plug&unplug - nothing again. When I boot into old Linux Mint distro - everything works perfectly again, when I boot to Manjaro, which is my main distro, it’s not being detected.
Please, help me to make it detectable on Manjaro again?

Thank you

There is no mention of the kernel in use. (kernel.org)

mhwd-kernel -li

If you are using 5.11 this kernel is unsupported - if you are using 5.12 - it is marked EOL

In any case should change to 5.13 or 5.14-rc3 or use 5.10LTS

I use 5.13, but on 5.12 doesn’t work either.
I have Deepin Manjaro installed, it does detect all Wifi device with the same kernels, but my main KDE Manjaro, doesn’t.

Well - that is a mystery - the only thing I can think of is :ghost: in the machine - and then NetworkManager.

What about the 5.10 LTS?

No, that didn’t work either.
I’ve tried to reinstall DKMS for one of cards, and saw this one:

I was sure I had DKMS working, but it appears not. Let’s see if reinstalling dkms will solve the issue.


ok, I am back with one working wifi dongle. Obviously problem in kernel modules. This is my wifi configuration:
Device-4 started to work, but device-3 is not being detected even if plugged.
What more is interesting, that device is hot like it would be working all the time. That’s very weird.