External HDD not bootable after install

Hello @Fabby, thanks for your effort. I have a “cold backup” of my main working drive only, so in this case I’ll do a backup of data from the HDD and then re-format it (avoiding extended partitions :)). It’ll be the easiest thing in the end (though I’ll be still wondering why grub cannot be reinstalled to a working state there…).

Happy Manjaro days to you. :slight_smile:

PS: You wrote you deleted the solution, but the question is still shown as “solved”. I don’t expect there would be fresh clever ideas from other readers, but perhaps, if the question would be marked unanswered… you never know. :slight_smile: Thanks.

PPS: In the deleted post, there was a link where to report the Calamares bug. Could you please re-post it, so that I don’t have to google it…? Thanks again.

Create a GPT instead of MSDOS partition table.

I’ve marked your last answer as the solution then removed it again. Looks like it’s open to me now…

undeleted. I hope your question isn’t in the solved status again! :grin:

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Thanks again. :+1:

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For those interested:
I have reported the Calamares bug, see here. They say it was a bug in MJ 21.1.4, and it should have been fixed in 21.1.5.

There is also no confirmation that extended partitions would not be supported, so what @stephane wrote in his post is very likely incorrect.

However, the solution how to recover from the disaster caused by the installer is still misssing… :frowning: