External HDD is not being recognized on applications

My External HD is recognized in computer, so I can enter and browse into folders, see files, etc.

But when I open a application and wants to search something there or set my External HD as default saving for some application, it’s not being recognized.

More… info… please…



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So I can open it and browse, copy, cut files. That’s what we expect. But it doesn’t show when I open an application. For example, I need to insert a file in a program. For image editing, video editing, etc. If that file is into my External HD, which I plug and un-plug with a USB cable, I can’t open that file.

But that’s happening only in programs and applications. In the thunar file folder, for example, I can open the HD.

What says mount on console ?

As in, in the application’s file browser, the external drive doesn’t show in the side panel?

Is this external drive attached via USB? How is the drive formatted. What about Dolphin? Most of us Plasma users are familiar with Dolphin. Also I didn’t see where you said the drive was mounted?

I’ll mention one more dumb think…sometimes the File dialog in applications is not expanded enough to see all the options. The Places is at the bottom and maybe be obscured.


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I have the same behavior in many applications.
Not much of an issue since then content can still be accessed from the mount point.

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Just for the record, if those applications were installed as Snaps or FlatPaks, then they run containerized and then they don’t have any access to anything outside your home directory.