External HDD (connected via USB) is not recognized on laptop but other pc-s


I have an external HDD with USB 3 connection. When I plug it in into my laptop (Manjaro KDE), it starts to rotate/make some noise but the light doesn’t go on and I can’t mount it (well, it isn’t even recognized). Now the thing is that it can be mounted on other pc-s (Manjaro KDE as well) but not on the laptop.
I’ve tried all ports of my laptop and different kernel versions (5.10 and 5.15), yet all in vain. The USB-ports work, I can use them to mount other USB 2 and USB 3 devices.
I’ve also tried investigating with lsblk. lsusb and sudo fdisk -l | grep /dev/sd but the HDD just won’t show up.
What can I do (besides formatting the HDD)?