External hard drive detected but unable to be mounted

Hello Manjaro community!!

I won’t waste you guys’ valuable time. I have a Seagate 2TB external hard drive that worked perfectly fine until about a week ago when i updated Manjaro. I’ve dual booted this Lenovo laptop with preinstalled Windows 10 with Manjaro. Both operating systems recognized the drive fine and both were able to read and write to the drive perfectly. Post update neither was able to do anything to the drive. I read a bit of info and many sources suggested to use chkdsk utility in Wiindows command prompt, which I did, and it did allow the disk to be read and written to again…on Windows. In Manjaro all that was corrected was now the drive can be seen and identified, but not mounted and obviously not read. I really would’ve preferred to stay away from the Windows side and do something in the terminal on GNU/Linux end, but all the info I read here was to no avail. Any and all suggestions, tips and help is TRULY and greatly appreciated. Thank you all.