External drive mounting issue on one of my ports

I’m having trouble mounting my external drive. I can still access it and use it normally but when I try to for eg. let’s say use an app to access this drive I cannot find it. It is for some reason always mounted to /none I don’t know if this directory always existed but it mounts to that directory for some reason.
Usually it used to mount to /run/media which let me access the drive in my apps but now I cannot use it. If I go to the folder manually I can still use it though.
I tried to mount it by directly entering the ext drive’s UUID on fstab but it only mounted to the original location if I did a complete reboot of my pc and had my ext drive already plugged in. And If I tried connecting it normally when the pc is on it again mounts to /none
Here’s a screenshot of the partition properties.

I started having this issue when I was trying to format a pendrive and since I’m still pretty new to Linux I didn’t know what I was doing most of the time so I must have done something stupid, but after I formatted the pendrive, the pendrive had the same mounting issue but in this case the pendrive didn’t even mount to /none it simply gave this message.

Also, I’m only having this issue in one of my ports. The other ports works fine. It still mounts to it’s normal location.
Can someone please help me solve this issue. I’m super confused why this is happening.
Thank You

UPDATE: Now all my ports are showing the same error. It is mounting to /none :frowning:

I would rather think that there are wrong permission on /run/media and therefore it chooses /none for what ever reason.

ls -la /run/media