External display configuration

I need to change configuration of the external display. The ‘Displays’ app (Gnome’s main interface to configure various aspect of the desktop) is installed (v 3.36.3-3), but it is not available in the Settings.

Any suggestions?

This is just an update if anyone experience a similar issue - I reinstalled the phone with the latest beta Phosh img and got the display options in settings!
The next issue is that neither rotation nor resolution actually works, so I’m looking for options how to change the config.

Interestingly some options in Settings, such as network settings, are still not visible :confused:

On the Pinephone is an option to rotate a screen in the top section with WiFi / notification etc.

Does anyone know how is that implemented? Where is the config for that?

I can rotate the screen with this button, but not the secondary screen from the display settings. It looks like none of the options in display settings actually works, neither display mode, nor resolution or orientation

I would also like to know where the config for rotation is at. I would like it to rotate 90 the other way so that the volume and power buttons are on top, not under the “bottom” edge.

I can confirm that in Plasma the display settings as well as GUI for network manager and other apps works, which makes me only wonder why not in Phosh