ExpressVPN a nightmare

Okay honestly I can’t wrap my head around this one, sometimes ExpressVPN will install after multiple attempts, and other times it won’t install at all, the official support instructions, both basic and advanced don’t even work.

Is there some trick the community is aware of, to brute force ExpressVPN into installing properly? because I can’t even get the AUR version running

Any help would be much appreciated

As far as I know it goes something like this:

  • Log in to your ExpressVPN account (via your browser)

  • Install ExpressVPN (ex: yay -S expressvpn or pamac build expressvpn)

  • You can now run expressvpn -h to print ExpressVPN tool help

  • Then run systemctl start expressvpn to start the service
    (note - to launch automatically at login you can use systemctl enable expressvpn --now)

  • Now run expressvpn activate , and when prompted enter in your activation code from ExpressVPN (you can find find this in your account dashboard on the expressvpn site)

  • At this point, you can;
    expressvpn connect # to connect "to smart location or last connected location”
    expressvpn status # to check your ExpressVPN current status

  • Verify on the ExpressVPN checker or other sites like what-is-my-ip, dns-leak-test and webrtc-leak-test


I stopped using ExpressVPN last year and instead run my own VPN on a VPS. Costs about $50 a year.

Are you located in China? The ExpressVPN in the AUR downloads the .deb from the ExpressVPN website. That website is blocked in China, meaning you must have a VPN running to install from AUR.