[experimental] Manjaro-Architect Test-ISO



is this in the live session of the ISO?


The latest iso is faulty

I got the same error and when git’ing I got bash errors

Also tried to build the iso but the package is completely missing from unstable rep.

So I will turn to other matters for a while :slight_smile:


Hm. Downloaded one a few days ago, that worked fine…


yes it is.
Edit I just tried the iso had downloaded on Monday and it was the same issue


There was a syntax error in the git. Fixed now. Once the package in unstable gets updated, the iso you now have should start working. It begins by downloading the latest version.


Sorry for that. I was out during the day. Package is rebuilt now: 0.7.4.r123.gdce2519


Ok it’s working again


I was able to install lxqt but I didn’t install login manager then I also messed up the disk partition I think I should have chosen gpt for UEFI but I didn’t so grub didn’t boot. I am going to start and partition my disk properly


Use the manjaro lxqt profile, it comes with display manager enabled


I was able to succesfully install a full LXQT desktop. I was lazy and I did the auto partition which seemed work ok.


Installation with nonfree (catalyst) drivers failed, successful with free drivers


I was able to install openrc KDE minimal. Manual partition, free graphic, drivers and no bootloader. Installer seemed to take me through twice but after updating grub everything works great.



Bare-Metal [simple] install, using the manjaro-architect iso in this thread:
Asus Laptop: UEFI, with 2 Sata HD’s, sda, and sdb.
WiFi only: Atheros AR9485, which has been supported forever in Linux.

At first:

  • ran sudo setup, #ended up with manjaro-architect .3 version ?, with my SATA HD’s labelled as sdb, and sdc, which is not correct. ?

ran sudo “systemctl enable NetworkManager.service”, then ran
sudo setup, # got manjaro-architect latest versio .7.4.xxxx, with SATA HD’s labeledd as sda, and sdb. -which is correct.

  • I selected the “Wipe disks clean” option, but it sat at 0% for 10 minutes, so not working. ?

Went back selected cgdisk, [gpt], and manually deleted old parttions, and re-added new “/” parttion [sda2], and swap [sda3] partition on sda, including /boot/[efi] on [sda1], and everything went fine.

  • pacman rank-mirrors allowed me to select several fast repo’s, but it didn’t show up in “edit mirrolrlist” after, maybe it had saved it in /tmp/xxx… ?

-Anyway, upon completetion, and reboot of installation, the /etc/pacman.d/mirrolrlist was correctly copied over exactly as i chose them -so that’s good.

The rest of the install of Manjaro/KDE stable, FULL, but with 4.9 .* kernel, along with Plasma went great.
I think I accidently did it twice, umm, that part was my fault, but still, over-correcting can cause this potenial User error of doing needless “graphical install profiles” twice over ? :wink:

Note: the “cancel”, and “back” buttons seem to be more “user-freindly / lively” this time around, which is extremely handy if a User thinks they’ve made a mistake.
Keep it up !.

  • Also, I couldn’t find that manjaro-architect installer log file upon post-installation/reboot on the target system?
    Is it called “m-a.log” ???

Anyway, sry for the undetaled decription above, but that’s my quick take on this manjaro-architect netinstall iso thus far, using by 5-key broken keyboard, with “florence”. :wink:

So if any Dev is actually interested in this, and obviously hasn’t tested further, then here you go, all edits included.


I did another bare metal install on the same Dell I used earlier and this time I used cgdisk? to create partitions. i made root and /home I was able to successfully install lxde and icewm. Everything was succesful. I am going to try to find a UEFI machine to test out and see how it does from the ISO.


Thank you all! :slight_smile:
@scjet If you said ‘yes’ to copying the log to target it will be in /.m-a.log. But you will only be able to read it as root - I thought it would be a good idea in regards of data protection, but maybe that’s a bit overdone, I don’t know :wink:
Anyway, like it is currently you can open the file with a root filemanager, or with su in the terminal …


Bare-Metal Install

So everything went fine except for a couple thnings.

Under "Install Graphical … " -> "Install Display Driver"
Dialog screen showed the below:

[] xxxxxxx  # unrecognizable text ?

Why is the above displayed repeatedly like that, as well as the “unrecognizable text” line. ?

Under “Install Graphical Environment” , both the “Stable”, and “Development” Desktop iso profiles failed with:

“error: failed retrieving file manjaro-iso-profiles-base.17.xxxx …”

The “m-a.log” did not save the above error output from screen, however, the m-a.log did show the below, regarding failure retrieving the manjaro-iso-profiles-base.17.xxxx ?
from /.m-a.log:

02/28/17 12:34:07 setup_graphics_card video-ati 
02/28/17 12:34:32 update profiles pkgs
02/28/17 12:34:51 ERROR [Install needed pkg git.][1]  --inst_needed()<-install_manjaro_de_wm_git()
02/28/17 12:36:53 update profiles pkgs
02/28/17 12:39:44 update profiles pkgs
02/28/17 12:41:00 ERROR [Install needed pkg git.][1]  --inst_needed()<-install_manjaro_de_wm_git()

The above has been failing for about 3 hours now, [ignore the time in above output].

However, the other night, I had no problems retrieving, and installing above file.
Why is that iso-profiles file not syncing ? Has something changed in the latest manjaro-architect installer script ?

Anyway, I then went on, in the same Dialog screen, and installed an “Unconfigured Desktop environment” successfuly, which proves that my network, repo’s, … was all fine.


hm, seems I broke install_needed function by trying to fix installing the pkg in question in any case - I’ll check that. sorry … :wink:


well no. for me it’s working fine. what version of the architect does it say at the beginning of your log?


no problem, and thanks for quick reply.

:: manjaro-architect 0.7.4.r199.gbae1bfc-1 ::