[experimental] Manjaro-Architect Test-ISO



for dev like you, only maintaining the base system would be your job, well [core] repo and maybe a few on [extra], for the rest help is needed. having a sane base without systemd is not so hard to maintain, personnaly an half of a day per week to maintain my complete github pkgbuild.
So, yes centralize the pkgbuild can be a good thing if it’s made with good design. Manjaro is manjaro, obarun is obarun, but for tasks like this, may be we can combine us.


How is the synchronization between one installation branch and manjaro iso-profiles going to happen?

If I choose testing, I will not use the good iso-profiles? (If a package is renamed for example)
If I choose stable, is there not a risk that a maintainer prepares his future configuration in advance?

In any case much more work for the maintainers :clap:


There should not be a problem because you have already chosen your branch when you download the profiles package, so it will be the same branch as the packages downloaded for installation.


ok, its a compiled package et use pacman (I thought aur and git)
but with this 2 git clone, no problem ?


Yes they are packages in our repos, travelling through the branches with all the other matching packages.
If someone decides to use “development profiles” (labelled as such) in the advanced installation menu where the profiles will be cloned from git, I assume he will expect a development build :wink: Even then most of the time this will not be a problem.


In any case, I think the next step after fixing luxs hooks and such… should be to really simplify the default menu structure and offer all the more advanced option only when you run the installer with an explicit flag.
We have the tools already for that … :wink:


I was rather disappointed to discover the netinstall release had apparently been phased out, but I am glad to see a CLI-based basic install still available. I use Manjaro as a headless CLI only server on my home network, running a LAMP stack, Wordpress, and a Minecraft server, and it has served me well (no pun intended).


Cool. Could you write a beginner friendly guide to setting up a a server in manjaro in the tutorials section? I think many people would be interested in it.


here is some review (in german) of the BTRFS support of manjaro-architect in manjaro:

that guy highlights the differences between manjaro and openSUSE. then, he goes on to show how to properly setup BTRFS (with snapshot support in GRUB) in manjaro.


Thanks, I’ll need to take look at that. Snapper support is still much work in progress. I was thinking of adding a checkbox dialog for snapper setup, which would have options for

  • take snapshots at boot time
  • take snapshots on pacman actions
  • take timeline snapshots
  • give user permissions to interact with snapshots

And after the dialog, edit the configuration file with nano.

But the developement is currently slowed a bit because I’m currently busy at work and accidentally bought dominions 4.


Problems with openrc cinnamon

elogind-openrc is missing
networkmanager-openrc is missing

When the “select uefi mount point” appears the default is “/boot” for uefi it should be “/boot/efi”

The Major problem is it won’t boot to DM xdm is started and then crashes tty7
using tty2 and logging in “startx” loads cinnamon. but only on tty2, tty7 is still borked!

This last problem is now fixed with help from this thread

Manjaro Cinnamon 17.0.2-rc

Sounds like Cinnamon and openrc are never good friends :wink:
I’ve added the missing packages in any case, thanks.


Many Thanks and also your help in fixing the DM problem.
Personally I find with Cinnamon and openrc everything just works these days.
You could always give it a try?