[experimental] Manjaro-Architect Test-ISO



Doesn’t look too bad

[bernhard@oberon iso-profiles]$ grep -re "displaymanager-openrc" .
./shared/Packages-Desktop:>openrc displaymanager-openrc
./manjaro/kde/Packages-Desktop:>openrc displaymanager-openrc
./manjaro/xfce/Packages-Desktop:>openrc displaymanager-openrc
./manjaro/netinstall/Packages-Live:>openrc displaymanager-openrc
./manjaro/lxqt/Packages-Desktop:>openrc displaymanager-openrc
./sonar/mate-edition/Packages-Desktop:>openrc displaymanager-openrc
./community/bspwm/Packages-Desktop:>openrc displaymanager-openrc
./community/mate/Packages-Desktop:>openrc displaymanager-openrc
./community/i3/Packages-Desktop:>openrc displaymanager-openrc

need to add it in Cinnamon obviously :wink:




Isn’t this thread about testing the manjaro-architect iso? Is talking about the unconfigured de part of the installation process not ok here? Where would you want me to ask for help about this?


It’s absolutely perfectly right here, @Emi, and I already noted what we need to do to fix the issue :wink: That’s what I meant above with [quote=“oberon, post:202, topic:17661”]
We need to add it at DM selection.

Was not very clear and it got off-topic afterwards, sorry!


Sorry just got confused. Ty for the help. ^ ^


Yeah, I was quoting you but addressing @robinw0800 - it was certainly confusing, sorry for that! :sunflower:


No wonder, the packages are from Arch and configured with systemd in mind by default. It takes some hacking to know what to install and enable to run OpenRC. This knowledge is part of the OpenRC compatible profiles. Edit: In the long run the profile specific knowledge will diffuse into the general settings of the installer or into generalized base profiles whatsoever.
Thanks for testing!


It’s not a big problem. The installer can simply add displaymanager-openrc during DM installation for openrc base. You will not be bothered about it as soon as that’s fixed.


It feels like systemd is getting integrated further and further into the os. I have gotten a little interested in the more straightforward way of openrc. ^ ^


Really cool that you have developed openrc versions. Isn’t it quite unique to manjaro, at least for arch based distros, right? I only know that the people at gentoo use openrc extensively.


Nice to read your admiration for OpenRC, but let’s not write more about general things which are not related to this Manjaro-Architect ISO. OpenRC on Manjaro is brought to you with thanks to the effort of the developers and maintainers aaditya and artoo. Also oberon created several OpenRC ISOs in the past. And now Chrysostomus set himself the target to make manjaro-architect able to install an OpenRS system. (My part in all of this is just testing and helping other users.)


Actually its not at all You can install openrc on arch quite easy or you can install runit and s6 their are even complete arch based distros of both openrc and runit/S6 and they are lightning fast especially the s6 runit version 5secs on a spinner the draw back is good documentation or lack of.
obarun runit/S6
Download archlinux-openrc-2017.03.01-x86_64.iso by our good friend aaditya
ObarunS6_x86_64-v0.0.9.iso The obarun ISO cover both runit/s6 and like architect they are rolling installers and automatically update all scripts they look very much like the old architect before we made them more user friendly sort of


Oki I understand! Thank you for doing this, keep up the good work! And @mandog really cool, I will check them out! ^ ^


They need a lot of patience mind you of all of them void is the most complete and the easiest to install
Good luck


I figured out what the issue was. I was trying to do uefi boot but the iso was on an bios bootable usb. I created a uefi boot usb and I was able to setup my system as uefi. It took a little a little while to figure it out but that was the only thing that made sense after awhile. It took a couple of tries to get my partitions right but I did unfortunately when choosing the language I chose es_US.uft8 instead of en_US.uft8 so I ended up with a Spanish computer:blush: Luckily I can read a little bit of Spanish I was able to get it set to the right languauge. Anyway I like the menu setup it seems to flow better and its nice touch when you do the network drivers and it says the drivers are included in the kernel. I also like the choice of free or proprietary drivers.


I do not know why but Carl has pulled the plug on his git hub account, I did not know he was even thinking about doing it so. its a bit of a sad day for a lot of architect users and you guys I just hope you cloned it. I just hope it was not done with malice towards you guys.


@mandog to me it looks like he has just renamed his account or so?

My plan was all the time that we should try to write to him once we are more or less done with our rework and thank him for all the work we were blessed with inheriting from him - lets hope this will be possible in some way.
In any case our code and also the original one is safe on Chrysostomus’s repo and our sub-forks.


I think the reason for him dropping his repo might be that I accidentally sent him pull requests. Just simple miss click and I closed them immediately, but it must be annoying to get those notifications when he is not developing the project anymore. I have been more cautious since then.



Installing Manjaro-Architect on a spare laptop for testing purposes.
Looking good so far (better than the former versions I tried a while ago).

It would be great if Manjaro-Architect would allow the user to choose systemd, OpenRC, runit or S6.

Maybe Eric from Obarun is willing to help as it surely would increase the usage of his precious work…


just posted in the wrong thread … :rolling_eyes:
Moved to the right place now