Experimental kernel

I noticed that there’s an experimental 5.10 kernel and i’m curious to try it, i wanna know if anyone here have experience with those experimental kernels, do they break and crash a lot? Are they fine for daily usage?

Install one and find out. :slight_smile:

There’s usually little issues to be ironed out but you might not have a problem.

So long as you have a older, reliable kernel installed you can fallback to that and uninstall 5.10 if it’s a problem.

It’s fair to say that unless you’ve got very recent hardware you’re never gonna need a bleeding edge kernel.

As long as you don’t use extra modules, like nvidia, virtualbox and some wifi chips, you should be pretty safe.

They are marked experimental, because they are not final release, they are Release Candidates.

I do have virtualbox because i need to install my games in a vm then copy to my Manjaro host to run them on Steam Proton.

My hardware is 8th gen, i5 8265u and intel uhd 620.

This seems unnecessary.

This is 2 years old. Intel stuff is all well implemented and supported iirc.

I am running 510 but from CLI only. Anyone here built NVidia 450 or 455 for 510? Is it possible to build one of these NVidia drivers from src for 510? Or is it possible to use Nouveau for a GUI? I had no problems installing or booting into 510 just no GUI…I am somewhat new to experimental kernels as well. This will be on an Asus I7 motherboard with an NVidia GTX750 bare metal.

Kernel 5.10rc4 works great on my old HP Spectre laptop from 2014. No issue at all. Recommend you to try it out .

Thanks for the information. Are you able to run GUI or only CLI and if so what graphics solution i.e nouveau or ?? Definitely will try it. Many thanks.

I just installed kernel v5.10rc4 in manjaro-settings-manager -m msm_kernel
Manjaro Settings Manager installed kernel and the additional modules

linux510-r8168                     [Installed] 8.048.03-0.4               extra 
    A kernel module for Realtek 8168 network
linux510-nvidia-455xx              [Installed] 455.45.01-1                extra 
    NVIDIA drivers for linux.
linux510-headers                   [Installed] 5.10.rc4.d1117.g0fa8ee0-1  core 
    Header files and scripts for building
    modules for Linux510 kernel
linux510                           [Installed] 5.10.rc4.d1117.g0fa8ee0-1  core 
    The Linux510 kernel and modules

System seems to be running with no problems so far

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Thanks should i expect some bugs or breakage? I have used a few experimental applications before and i’m aware i may find some bugs.

Thanks very much for this. When I installed an earlier RC, none of the other stuff was installed.
Regards & thanks

Depends a lot on the system you are installing it on i.e bare metal or virtual…in any case I would not install it on a mission critical system. There are others here who know a lot more than I do but thats just my impression.

Well that was sure a nuke and pave… maybe in the new install.

I could see from pamac search linux510 that the additional packages I needed were available
But a comparison to v5.9 kernel packages ( pamac search linux59 | grep -v '59-rt' ) shows that some additional packages are not available yet

There are no packages for linux510-virtualbox-host-modules or linux510-virtualbox-host-modules yet
So if you need virtualbox you should stay on v5.9 as @Strit suggested

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I use KDE Plasma , 5.20.3

Got 510 installed and running. Fast. Beautiful. Running bare metal. Plasma. Wow!

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Plasma on 510 is just sexy (maybe I dont get out enough eh?) I like it. I screwed up when I upgraded the video drivers from 450 to 455. Did that fine on Stable on my mature-prduction- installation on another machine, which only has Manjo Stable double boot with Windoze 10… and I upgraded from 340 to 450. -One machine, the production one has Stable and Windows 10 on it separate drives. The second machine has Manjo testing and manjo stable, separate drives. Both machines are bare metal…On the machine-running stable and testing… I did something wrong in the path I normally use to upgrade video drivers and that led to a problem where when one is working tired, one makes mistakes…I started another thread about 2 Manjo’s on one machine and how Grub interacts between the two but testing so far is just excellent. Question-and maybe a subject for another thread–can one take the source from Nvidia and build the driver or is it way more complex than that??

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