Experiencing crashes with kernel 6.0

Experiencing crashes with kernel 6.0. The screen gets stuck and no further actions are possible (not even switching to another tty). Using amd r5 260x with amdgpu drivers (open source) on kde wayland session

Do you have specific new hardware that requires the 6.0 kernel to function? If not you might want to use the latest LTS kernel and see if the problems persist.

can you report ( with other kernel than 6.0 )

inxi -Fza

you can also check in your journal log ( when crash with linux 6.0 )

sudo journalctl -b -1 ( -1 boot before , -2 , etc... ) 

stay on 5.15 LTS or 5.19 ( if this one works … )

sorry for late responses. I did switch back to 5.19, but after updating to 6.0.2-2 (and other updates) I have not experienced any crashes in last 3 days. So I think the issue can be marked resolved

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