Experiences with new XPS 17?

I've been cruising the Dell subreddit, reading up on the XPS 9700 as I ordered one back in June with the intention of dual booting Windows and Manjaro, since it has two SSD drive slots. A few users there have been complaining that they can't audio working properly on the laptop. Something to do with the Realtek ALC711-GC audio controller I'm assuming. One user can get audio through Bluetooth or by connecting a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter into one of the ports. The issue was reported on multiple Linux distros as well.

Just curious if anybody here has the laptop (or a laptop with similar audio hardware (here's a link to it!)) and is not having any audio issues. Or any potential solutions for it.

I did some searching and support for the ALC711-GC audio controller was introduced to the Linux kernel as of version 5.4. I'm not sure what kernel the Reddit users were running, but they were using the latest version of Ubuntu (one also tried Manjaro), IIRC.

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Ubutnu 20.04 released with the Linux 5.4 Kernel and 19.10 used the 5.3 kernel. If you are reading reddit posts from users of Ubuntu 19.10 or earlier versions, you will want to keep that in mind. Manjaro makes it easy for you to choose which kernel you want to run and offers 5.4, 5.6 and 5.7 kernels in stable right now. I don't know if any of the newer kernels support for the ALC711-GC or not, but this article gives me the impression that ALC711 support might have been added with 5.5.

Hope you get that XPS soon and have good luck with it!

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So I went back to the threads and the users were using Ubuntu 20.04 and other distros based on it (Pop_OS! and Kubuntu 20.04 mentioned specifically) - one also said "Manjaro" without adding more details. I asked them to check which kernel they're using, but if 20.04 ships with 5.4 I assume that's it. Haven't gotten a reply back though.

Right now I'm hoping that, if there is an issue, it'll be fixed by the time my laptop arrives (they're having issues shipping them to Canada apparently). Dell has been somewhat supportive of Linux in the past with their Developer Edition laptops so I'm hoping it's not a permanent problem.

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