Expanding mhwd with selecting more drivers

(Later where will be info about nvidia)
Right now there is a possibility to install the most fresh driver and old 390
Sometimes the most fresh software is not the best solution until bugs in upstream will be fixed
On the site of nvidia where is list of old, but not outdated drivers:
Click search at official nvidia site starting from 450x
Selecting from the list will be an excellent solution

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I doubt if there is any chance for it. Not so long ago there was much more choices, but maintaining was problematic so almost all Nvidia drivers were dropped. Read those topics to know situation.


I see, but sometimes fresh version has critical bugs, so we need to rollback manually or install drivers from nvidia site. Even choise between current and previuos versions will be enough for users to wait until critical bugs will be fixed in upstream.


sudo downgrade --ala-only <packages>

you can downgrade the packages and it will ask to block those.


My cache is clean for now :frowning:
So, I can’t downgrade using downgrade util

man downgrade

--ala-only means “only remote”, so it skips the cache…

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That’s your problem, it’s not supported. This has been covered already in your previous topic with appropriate wiki links, etc.

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Unrealistic expectations