Existing Fake (BIOS) RAID0 array not detected when booted to Live USB

I have a system that has 512GB*2 as a RAID0 array + another 512GB (1.5TB total). The RAID0 array contains a Windows 10 OEM installation. Im trying to install Manjaro on the lone 512GB for dual-booting with the W10.

Thing is, the RAID array is not detected (no /dev/md or or any sign of the pair of drives in /dev.) I tried mdadm --assemble --scan to no avail. I only need to see the EFI partition, which is on the array.

My system is a new Alienware M17 R4.

Please advise!

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That is no linux software raid - mdadm and friends won’t see and/or use it.

Actually you don’t.
Create another EFI partition on that lone/extra 515GB disk linux sees and use that one for the linux installation. This is favourable over having Windows and Linux share one EFI partitions anyway,

You can then choose which operating system to boot into via UEFI.


Thanks for the reply. Since the array cannot be seen, would GRUB still be able to see Windows once installed on a separated EFI partition?

I don’t think so.

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