Excessive load on the system monitor

But in your opinion is it normal this memory load referred only to the system monitor?

In other words, is this situation normal in Manjaro? Or do you think that something must be done to solve it?

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Really depends on your hardware and the amount of info being showed at same time and the rate that it’s changing

Mine I opened on a live boot usb and it consumed little less than what you are seeing. Maybe changing the memory from kb to Mb to see if it’s 200mb or 1mb because by the screenshot it seems like 1 million Kylo Bytes

They are what seems to the careful eye, they are almost 2 GB of ram. And 3% of the CPU of an I5.

I had opened firefox, the monitor loading too much, and the terminal.

The rest was consumed by the internal system to run the kernel and stuff.

To me, it doesn’t seem normal at all.

Today there were several GB of updates, maybe it solved itself, or maybe it will need 4 GB of ram tomorrow.

Does htop has the same problem? Restarting the computer solves it ? In windows when I had the computer running too long of a time It would also do this consuming of Ram. Maybe open htop and this system monitor to see if it’s a visual bug

I didn’t check on htop but I’m sure it would have been the same as the values match every time I check and I see them.

I have both updated and restarted and currently things seem to have normalized.

Maybe is the effect of some bug that came out maybe through a type of operation that I’m not actually doing now.

Maybe it can be fixed in the update, who knows.

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