Excessive CPU usage when logged into cockpit web server?

I’ve installed the cockpit packages from the official repo.

community/cockpit 234-2 [installed]
A systemd web based user interface for Linux servers
community/cockpit-machines 234-2
Cockpit components for managing virtual machines.
community/cockpit-pcp 234-2 [installed]
Cockpit support for reading PCP metrics and loading PCP archives
community/cockpit-podman 26-1
Cockpit UI for podman containers

It works fine, and I don’t notice any sluggishness when using the web-app (though the web-based terminal is a bit laggy), but it’s also pegging all 4 cores of the Raspberry Pi 4B. Each of them are well over 90 percent usage, and approaching 100 percent.

Not exactly ideal for using to monitor a home server that needs that CPU to do home server things.

Anyone else running this package seeing this kind of CPU usage? Is there a better alternative for the Pi?

I’m thinking I might be better off just installing wetty and running an SSH terminal in a web browser to monitor things when I’m not home.