Exactly which usb charger(s) to consider purchasing for the pinephone?

Where would you plug in the charger when the docking bar is connected? Is
that a receiving USB-C connector next to where the USB-C lead is attached to
the dock?
answer: yes

This means the red cable that came with the #pinephone goes into the usb-c connector and the other end into the power plug?

Is this Apple or Samsung and which corresponding devices could be used as an example?
Charging: USB type-C, 15W – 5V 3A Quick Charge, follows USB PD specification


For your other question: I’m looking into that as well currently. From what I have been reading here in the forum and on xnux.eu, a main point is that it exceeds the (thermal and other) limits of the phone to quick charge, supply the docking ports, with according high load (e.g. for hdmi) at the same time.

The core developer describes a sympton that the device will limit itself to 500mA charging when connected to the power bridge, or a USB port on a device.[1]

When I tried the docking bar the first time today, that was exactly what I was noticing, i.e. while the phone charged with 1500mA directly (this is defined as max), it fell back to 500mA simply by “cabling” the charge via the dock. I’d be perfectly fine, if this turns out a safe fallback for dock usage. Nevermind fast charge, if it risks damaging the hardware via overload.
Likewise, 1500mA is quick enough when on dedicated charge.

I am using lab psu @5v - the phone draws 200mA when powered on.

I also have a Huawei phone charger 5v 2A (10w) and another 5v 3A (15w) - they work - but no more then 15w according to spec.

As per the type of charger, Megi published a blog entry yesterday (#26 on 30.11.2020) confirming that one can use chargers compatible with USB-C/3.0, USB-PD and USB-BC 1.2.

I don’t know if there is any real requirement as long as it is a usb charger. I am using a 1A charger that came with the 10 year old htc desire phone using the pinephone’s cable.

At current the requirements are more defined by the user and firmware status, I recon.
If you have a requirement to charge the phone while using it, 1A won’t suffice for a solid charge, although the phone could do it. Megi recommends older 2A/10W chargers (BC type), because they produce enough juice for that situation. He does not recommend the newest chargers (USB-PD) so far, because the firmware still has limitations (he works on kernel patches according to his blog post #26 mentioned above). So, there is no requirement to use the charger type listed by pine64 in the specs and referred to by @nbh (“15W 5V 3A Quick Charge, follows USB PD specification”), but -conversely- those appear more troublesome to use until the patches are stable.

All that said, I also mainly use an old charger with 1A (Samsung s4); works just fine.

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https://www.amazon.com/Apple-A1357-Power-Adapter-iPhone/dp/B00DEDGGR6 this one works with the #pinephone (Apple model A1357 10W 5V 2.1A) …

But it doesn’t power the #pinephone via the usb-c dock!

It there a charger that works for the c-dock? A url…vendor/model would be appreciated

@nbh: What happens when you leave it plugged into the dock with charger and reboot? Does it perhaps show “charging” after the reboot?

I did all that although I did a button power off/on versus shutdown now -r

Also not working is Screenshot or I would have posted the Power Supply screenshot.

More about screenshoting, the app “grim”, pacman -Q grim cant find it and Software Explore (not search) is still broken. Fireshot (or is it Flameshot) didnt work neither.

After fixing screenshoting I’ll document it.

pacman -S grim
sleep 5 | grim

“pacman -Q packagename” isnt the same as “apt search packagename”

More to come

It is not the same, no. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy pacman a lot, dependency handling and all… To search something quick I usually go with a pacman -Ss keyword, followed by a pacman -Si package.

Actually I think your issue may be due to GUI inconcistencies: While I write this on the docked phone, “power supply” shows “Discharging” while the configuration tab for “Energy” shows “Charging”…