evolution processes running in the background (although not installed)

Hi, first of all thank you to those who made Manjaro available for us users. I've tried several distros with Gnome and Manjaro is the one for me.
Regarding my question there are certain processes like evolution-alarm-notify, evolution-source-registry, evolution-calendar-factory and addressbook factory. The thing is I didn't install evolution, I use Thunderbird. Is this a bug or sth I should worry about, or is it specific to Gnome? Thanks.

I believe gnome requires it... although, not being a gnome user, I am not 100% certain.

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Those are all part of evolution-data-server which is required by GNOME Calendar, Notes, ToDo, Contacts, Maps, etc.

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I see. So if I want to keep GNOME Calendar and Notes, I need to keep those too. Thank you to you both @manyroads and @Yochanan for helping.

If you want to keep gnome... you really ought to leave the evolution setup alone. If you object violently to evolution there are many other desktops to choose from. :wink:

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