Evolution 40 - random errors checking email

Hi everyone,

i’m on Manjaro Gnome, stable branch. Since the update to version 40 of Gnome Apps i experience random errors with Evolution.
Checking emails will result in random timeout errors, both with gmail and exchange accounts, about 80% of the times.

  • Gmail: OAuth2 authentication: i get the error “can’t retrieve access token, timeout reached”
  • Exchange: i get two kinds of errors: “source xxxx@hotmail.com doesn’t support prompt for credentials” or “you must be working online to complete this operation”.

Other imapx accounts works well, i experience this just with Gmail and Exchange accounts.

This happens while i’m connected to the Internet, with Evolution in online mode, without any connection slow down. I can browse the web seamlessly as usual, speedtest reports usual speed.
I never experienced this before, with Evolution 3.38.

Restarting Evolution or system will not fix this.
Sometimes after a while, everything start to work. Much less frequently, it works well from the start.

I tried switching network preference from “networkmanager” with “system default” to “always online” with “no proxy”, nothing changed.
I reinstalled Evolution, still no success.
Removed and added back accounts from Online Accounts, didn’t help.
Tried also starting evolution from CLI, no error was reported.

Does this happens to anyone else here?
I can’t figure out what is no working as expected.

Thank you for any clue. Have a good day!


Just to let you know and be a bit less in the dark, I use evolution with gmail & gsuite accounts and do not experience this behavior. A workaround might be to not use online accounts and add the accounts directly. I’ve had issues with online accounts & calendars and not using this feature solved the errors for me. It might work for you.

Hi Hanzel,

since yesterday the problem seems somewhat reduced, misteriously as it started.
Well, sometimes it still occurs, but much less frequently.

I’ll however set my gsuite mail accounts and calendars manually, as you suggested, for a more stable performance.

Thank you.

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