Ethernet, wireless or both?

I moved my desk next to the router, so I have a Gigabit cable connected and turned off wireless. What is the most efficient for data transfer, ethernet, wifi or leve both turned on?

IMHO it’s Ethernet. Because:

  1. It’s faster than Wireless;
  2. there’s a lot less that can go wrong;
  3. it’s easier to get going; and
  4. it has been around much longer, so is more mature, so to speak.

I even choose my router and my seating next to it, specifically considering the cable. Everyone nags at me to go wireless then comes for help when their wireless acts up…


Thanks, it makes good sense having the router next to me.

My ethernet/wifi router is about an arm’s lengthy away. My internet/5G router is outside mounted on the roof. So I’ve got both. Near, far, wherever it are!


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