Ethernet not connecting but does on Windows, no Wi-Fi capability to substitute

I recently built a new computer, tried to install ArcoLinux, it didn’t automatically recognize the ethernet connection, I tried Manjaro (Awesome WM version) and Kubuntu, neither of those recognized it either, then tried Windows, which worked fine.

My motherboard (B550 Steel Legend) doesn’t support Wi-Fi, so I cannot download drivers on that machine, significantly complicating the process (assuming that’s the issue, which is my best guess). My Laptop is running Kubuntu, and I could create a Manjaro VM if that makes downloading packages from arch repos easier.

Here are my questions:
Is ethernet supposed to connect automatically, if not, what’s the process?
Assuming I need to download something from a different computer, how would I do so? Would it involve emulating an Arch system or could it be done easily just through internet access on any system?

A brief overview on how ethernet is supposed to connect from a technical level would be nice.

I’ve only been using Linux for several months and I’ve never used Arch before so please don’t assume any Arch specific knowledge or Linux expertise.

Go to manjaro settings/hardware an check if there are any driver for your network

I checked (in Manjaro Settings Manager/Hardware Configuration), the driver for the network controller is RTL8125 2.5GbE Controller (Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.).

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I have this exact problem with my Asus B550 TUF, which has the same RTL8125.

Hey, I haven’t fixed the problem yet, but I have discovered that it also applies to my other system (a Kubuntu laptop that normally uses a wifi connection).

Check this link

Oo, thanks will give it a shot.