Ethernet conection is down on my Lenovo 3020 AIO desktop computer

Hi friends,

My ethernet connection i.e. wired internet connection on my home desktop is down. This is a dual boot computer with WIindows 10. I see that this is working fine when I boot with Windows OS. However wireless adapter is working fine. There are no proprietary drivers used. I tried restarting the modem and also changed the cable. But no luck.

ethernet error-new

ethernet error

Pasting herewith the screenshot. I have installed GUFW and enabled it with default values. I assume this is not an issue. Any pointers will be highly appreciated. If any additional inputs are needed, please let me know.


Hello @GMP :wink:

Do you need to enable both? Wired and Wireless connection? The message just says, that the connection has been deactivated. Maybe the reason is just because Wireless Connection is working?

But i guess you have to simply activate it in KNetworkManager or similar. No idea what is actually used there.

This displays the configs of each device:

nmcli device show 

Thank you for your response @megavolt as always. You are right, I may not use both of them together. But when I tried to switch only to wired mode, issue persisted.

Yesterday I happened to mess with my user id theme badly. After all tinkering i chose to delete and recreate the id. This has not only solved the theme corruption issue. But also solved this wired network issue. New screenshot attached.


All in all, I am not clear on what exactly is causing the corruption of network settings, themes etc. I have not tried intentionally to alter anything. I was only trying to install all familiar apps and browsing the net. Except this one bit, everything else is pleasant.


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