Ethernet asking for log in?

A few moments ago, a weird notification has popped up:

It says that I’ve to enter session (log in) in my ethernet network, I’ve never seen this before. And the network tray icon has the same admiration symbol like whe there limited wifi connection.

I’ve rebooted the computer, but this message persists. I’m very confused, I don’t know what to do…


I also have this same issue, but with WiFi. I do have internet though, but Spotify detects it as if I am not connected to the network.

I tried with 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz WiFi connections but it didn’t changed anything.


I just got this for the first time as well on GNOME - can’t attach the screenshot because I just made my account - about 15 minutes ago. Network connectivity still works just as expected, but some apps like Spotify seem to think I’m offline.

Some similar threads are appearing now:

It seems that the https version of the GNOME networkmanager check website has an invalid certificate and redirects to the GNOME wiki. Unfortunately I cannot post the link, new account rules again, but the subdomain is nmcheck on the gnome website.

Manjaro KDE, like OP here.

Have the same thing here. Everything is working Perfectly, just keep getting that popup. And I don’t even have Spotify.

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It seems that here is the solution:



How to disable it on Plasma?

Currently, is down for maintenance, I understand that when they come back this issue will go also.


I’m a bit confused here as I’m having the exact same issue (but with WiFi). What does going down have anything to do with what the OP or myself are experiencing here?

If the NetworkManager uses that URL to check connectivity, as seem to bee the case, then whenever that URL experiences a problem, it’ll reflect on/in NetworkMangeer

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My (un)educated guess would be: Networkmanager checks for a specific file hosted on archlinux dot org. If no connection to that server can be made, Networkmanager assumes the connection is dead, if something other than the expected string is found, Networkmanager assumes you are behind a captive portal and need to log in, therefore trying to show you the login window.


Thank you @cluuub.

That is a much better explanation than what I could ever give!

@cluuub Cheers for the explanation!

Shouldn’t we change the URL the Network Manager is hitting to something like Or is this a value that’s part of the build of KDE we’re using on the repos?


Or network check can be disabled by adding this file:
with this content:


Is it worth doing this?

It looks like is back. Though Networkmanager should check for more than one page, so this is avoided in the future.

this is a solution.

but is still broken.

I think we should redirect it to or somewhere else. Btw is very slow in China (slower than Manjaro wiki). Why not redirect it to your pacman mirrors?