Eternal Doom opens then closes on it's own

Eternal Doom opens and closes on its own, I have already tested other versions of the protdeu and reinstalled amdvlk and nothing worked, what else can I try?

I searched in several places and still haven’t found anything

Are you running doom eternal through steam? If so what version of proton are you using? It works OK for me using proton ge. Try launching through lutris and use the terminal icon to see what error messages are being thrown

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I use the latest version of the proton, until two weeks ago the game ran normally, after the updates I went to play because the new dlc came out and is not working, which proton ge are you using?

after a lot of research and seeing the error output in the terminal and I saw that the error was related to mangohud, the solution was to remove it or use the .git version

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