ETA on patched gnutls 3.7.5-2

gnutls 3.7.5-1 is the latest, but it’s breaking numerous things. I’m downgrading / holding it back to 3.7.4-2.

3.7.5-2 was released in arch a few weeks ago that fixes the crashes I’m hitting.

Given 3.7.5-1 is breaking things, what’s the general ETA on it going forward a patch?

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I am holding it back because my wife needs kmymoney :wink:


EDIT: I’ll push 3.7.5-2 to the stable branch shortly to fix the issue with memory corruption: FS#74770.

3.7.6-1 is available in the Manjaro testing and unstable branches. You can either wait for the next stable update or switch branches.



Got 3.7.5-2. Everything working much better. Thank you.

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