Errors while building Mozilla VPN - kvantum is not installed / segmentation fault

I said it should not exist. Meaning there is no reason for it’s existence because the Arch community kvantum package supports Qt 5 & 6.

Anyway, just use Mullvad VPN. There is really no benefit to using Mozilla VPN seeing how they use the same servers. Also Mullvad is updated much more frequently and actually builds.

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I have the same problem and I correct it (partially) with the unset of the QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE variable. It’s seem that QT don’t support the kvantum value.

I corrected it in the ugliest way :nauseated_face: :

mv /usr/bin/mozillavpn mozillavpn-exe

cat << EOF > /usr/bin/mozillavpn
/usr/bin/mozillavpn-exe "$@"

chmod +x /usr/bin/mozillavpn

And tadaaaa ! It works.

I hope you have a better idea to correct this.