Errors in boot time discovered

Ive runned on terminal the journalctl command and i discovered some errors like acpi error and some bugs. Maybe it is nothing serious but is good to know i think. I got and a screenshot below:

looks like some issues with a shutown not going smoothly. hence the warning about the watchdog service.

I would suggest googling them to see what’s up. the ACPI errors will be the hardest to track down but you could start with the core dump error and hopefully get some more info once that is working.

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What kernel is this?

Do you notice that sometimes it takes a minute or so to shutdown, when it should only take a few seconds?

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Yes. Sometimes I believe it takes up to 4 minutes to shutdown or reboot!! But I thought is because I’m using the computer for hours!

Please do not post screenshots of text. Use copy+paste and propper formatting.


Didn’t know about it! Thank you.