Error with updates linux419



I have 3 updates: linux419, linux419-nvidia and linux419-vitualbox-host-modules.
I get an error when installing these updates:
“the satisfaction of the dependencies has failed:
impossible to satisfy the dependency “nvidia-utils=1:410.78” required by linux419-nvidia”
Do you have any idea what I could do to fix it?

Thank you.


missing ?

unstable branch!


There was no announcement for testing update (branch on what i guess you get that error), so better wait. I knew the update will fail before doing it when i saw this
linux419-nvidia 1:410.73-2 1:410.78-2

@SGS - that is on unstable , correct ? :slight_smile:

New testing update missing nvidia-utils

Yes, and it work :smiley:


It’s correct, I’m on unstable branch.
And nvidia-utils 1:410.78 is still not there.
So, I’m waiting :wink:

➜  ~ pacman -Ss nvidia-utils                                      
extra/nvidia-340xx-utils 340.107-1
    NVIDIA drivers utilities
extra/nvidia-390xx-utils 390.87-1
    NVIDIA drivers utilities
extra/nvidia-utils 1:410.73-1 [installé]
    NVIDIA drivers utilities
multilib/lib32-nvidia-390xx-utils 390.87-1
    NVIDIA drivers utilities (32-bit)
multilib/lib32-nvidia-utils 1:410.73-1 [installé]
    NVIDIA drivers utilities (32-bit)


sudo pacman-mirrors -f5
sudo pacman -Syyu
should do the trick in that case, as that error i got it only on my testing install and all other unstable installs i have are fine.


No nvidia-utils 1:410.78 for me :rage:


Aremorica may be supplied later :wink:
Aremorica receives the delivery later :wink:


Ok, thank you. I’m going to be patient :wink:


Well, you could try
sudo pacman-mirrors --country Belgium && sudo pacman -Syyu
as i see the Belgium mirrors are updated …


Nothing for Belgium too :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



My mirror is Belgium.
But nothing. nvidia-utils-1:410.78-1 doesn’t appear!!


same error in Testing branch


All is fine now.
Thank you everyone :grin:

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