Error while updating manjaro xfce-17.17-stable-x86_64 on onworks vm

Hello All,

Please I am trying to install AnyDesk on manjaro xfce-17.17-stable-x86_64 on onworks vm.

Before starting the installation, I wanted to update the system and I issued the command:

yes | sudo pacman -Syu

and I’m getting the error below:

error: required key missing from keyring
error: failed to commit transaction (unexpected error)
Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.

Any help will be appreciated so that I can install AnyDesk.

Did you just install the system?


That one is really old - use a current iso if you haven’t updated for a long time or are just trying to install:


Actually, we are using onworks vm

No idea what that is.

But download and install the newest 21.0.4 ISO like suggested above.

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It is a free cloud vm. How to add links? Added in the telegram group

As per Telegram, I agree with Strit and Freggel: expecting a 5 year old rolling release to still update to today in one go is going to be impossible as the full delta from then till now doesn’t exist any more.

Therefore, create your own VM from the most recent version and then keep it updated as Manjaro is a rolling release and you might be able to skip one or 2 updates, but not 3 and certainly not 10, because that’s not the architectural design of Manjaro.

If you need a distro that you only have to upgrade every couple of years and apply security patches only in-between upgrades, take something like Debian or Ubuntu: they still use a waterfall method to upgrades…


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