Error when trying to install xampp

I tried to install xampp from pamac store
and found this error

**> conflicting files:**
**> - libxcrypt-compat: /usr/lib/ already exists in filesystem (owned by glibc)**
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xampp is a custom buildscript and thus unsupported

Build scripts from AUR asumes Arch library level - a dependency on glibc may work on Arch but not on Manjaro stable simply because the newer version has not yet reached stable branch.

I tried this method and found this error

missing dependencies: -> libxcrypt-compat ==> checking buildtime dependencies... ==> error: could not resolve all dependencies.

Using the AUR (Arch User Repository) assumes you’re using Arch stable and fully up to date. glibc 2.35 no longer contains, that’s why there’s a libxcrypt-compat package now. However, the Manjaro stable branch still has glibc 2.34. Either wait until the next stable update or switch to the testing or unstable branch.