Error when compiling libjxl-git from aur

when i try to compile libjxl-git, it tries to remove a rm file but that file does not exist so it will not complete the compilation to make the pkg and errors out. how do i fix this as i have no clue when it comes to modifying pkgbuilds.

compilation log

Let the AUR package maintainer know by leaving a comment on the AUR page so he can fix it. He won’t need the whole build log, just the error:

rm: cannot remove '/var/tmp/pamac-build-silver/libjxl-git/pkg/libjxl-git/usr/include/contrib': No such file or directory

alright that was what i planned to do but the maintainer said in a post that arch derivatives are not supported, so i want to see if it was a distro specific problem, that i did not notice.

Something possibly changed upstream with how files are installed. The PKGBUILD needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Then don’t tell him you’re using Manjaro. :wink: However, AUR packages assume you’re using Arch with a fully up to date system. If you’re not, you may experience issues. In this case, it’s just a line in the PKGBUILD removing files from the installation directory, nothing related to what versions of packages you have installed.