Error: version too old for 32-bit boot (try with linux 16)

Hi, I just updated my Manjaro Kernel to the latest Version via Octopi and when I boot the Manjaro 20 Version I am getting the above error. Any thoughts how to fix this?
Manjaro 19 is still bootable.

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That is not the correct way to install or upgrade a kernel. You have to use the Manjaro Settings Manager to install new kernels.

Alright, did that, thanks.
No I do not get to choose the Manjaro Version at boot time and it boots kernel 4.19…
How do I let it boot 5.4.77-1 now, which I installed?

In the GRUB menu, choose “Advanced Options for Manjaro Linux”, and then you can select the other kernel. GRUB will remember your choice for the next boot.

If you do not get a menu at boot, hit Esc. You can also make the menu visible at boot every time by modifying /etc/default/grub and replace…


… by…


… and then run…

sudo update-grub

That did it, thank you!

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