Error : verification requested but nobody cares

Good day,

I’m sorry if I disturb you. I’m new to the forum and Linux in general, so I don’t now if I should write here.

I tryed to install Manjaro in dual boot, but after having changed the boot priority in the bios (because before it always opened in Windows and not in Linux), now everytimes I start my notebook it enter in a mysterius “grub rescue mode” with no ways to open the pc or enter in my bios, and it gives me the sarcastic message : “error : verification requested, but nobody cares : (hd1,gpt5)/boot/grub/x86_64-efi/normal,mod” (I’ll send a picture (apparently I can’t send a picture, I don’t know why)).

I tried to search on Internet, but I found nothing, so I asked some help on the Manjaro’s discord, but they didn’t seems to having found how to resolve the issue; but we found that the commands that works are : insmod, set, unset and ls.

If you need more informations, please ask, althout I’m a Linux noob. I admit that this situation scares me a lot.

Do you have any solutions or, if this question has already been answered, could you please send me the link? Thank you in advance.

Kind regards

Can you use the Manjaro Usb stick and post
blkid (on console)
here ?

Sorry, I’m very very new to Linux, and I don’t understand what you ask :frowning:

Hello @stdg :slight_smile:

This message:

is probably displayed because secure boot is enabled and Manjaro does not support it by default.

Check this list:

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Hello @megavolt,

Thanks for your answer. I suppose I find that in the BIOS ? The problem is that even If I press f12 (the key for the bios) the Bios doesn’t load anymore, when I start the computer it brings me directly to that error message :frowning:

Am I missing something ?

Depending on your BIOS/EFI (that are 2 different systems), it must be some of your F-Keys. However… possible that it starts very fast and there only a tiny time space where the keys get recognized.

F11 on my EFI displays the UEFI Bootloader, also called “Boot Manager” and sort of.

What Mainboard or Laptop do you have?

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I’ve an Acer v3-572g.

Oh thanks ! With my poor knowledges I didn’t know that they was two differents things. The first thing with f12 doesn’t work, but I searched on Internet the key for the second (f2) and it works !!!

Now I must disable secure boot right ? (I’m scared of doing something wrong)

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@megavolt Now all works good.
Sorry for my stupidity who makes you lose your time, and thank you a lot for your precious help !

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