"Error: variable 'root' isn't set" when trying to boot the live usb

Hello. When i try to boot the live usb (latest kde version) on a Fujitsu Lifebook S751 with intel i3, i get the following error:
error: variable 'root' isn't set
entering rescue mode
grub rescue mode.
USB boots fine on other system.

Verify your ISO checksum and signature. Then rewrite your USB.

sha1 and signature are ok. usb image works on other computers too.

OK - great - a faulty ISO is most often the cause of issues like yours - if it is not - I haven't got the foggiest.

i think that has to do with the bios. just tried endeavour os and gives "failed to start loader.efi: (14) not found." However, endeavour boots and works fine.
Any way to disable efi on manjaro iso and try?

If you think the system firmware is the culprit - first recommendation is - update firmware.

If you have the option of enabling CSM (compatibility mode) a fancy word for allowing MBR and EFI boot on the same system - you could try it.

I have a system - Intel (inventor of EFI) - with a really lousy implementation which allows to boot and install in EFI mode - but then the compatibility stops - I mean - if installed in EFI mode - it won't boot - so despite the 'support' for EFI - I have to use MBR for that specific system - quite a hefty i7, I may add :slight_smile: - there is no golden globe here - just trial and error - and/or crash and burn.

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For the history, i updated the bios, tried older manjaro version, nothing worked.
I installed endeavour finally.
If i can provide any further info to fix this problem on manjaro, if worth, let me know please.

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