Error updating AUR packages

Hi everyone!
When i try to update with pamac its shows:

pamac update  ✔  13s 
Synchronizing with databases...
Nothing to do.
Operation completed successfully.

Then I use yay and i get:

yay -Syu  ✔
[sudo] password for jero:
:: Synchronizing the package databases...
  core is updated
  extra is updated
  community is updated
  multilib is up to date
:: Checking for updates on AUR...
:: Checking for updates in the repositories...
  -> Packages not in AUR: khotkeys manjaro-documentation-en manjaro-firmware noto-fonts-compat systemd-fsck-silent
  -> AUR packages marked as outdated: kwin-bismuth protonvpn protonvpn-cli protonvpn-gui python-protonvpn-nm-lib
  -> libstrangle: local package (0.1.1+22+g0273e31-2) is newer than the package available in AUR (0.1.1-4)
  there's nothing to do

How can i fix this :grimacing:
Thanks for the help ^^

Means these are ‘super-aliens’.
They dont exist in the repositories OR the AUR.
You should remove them.

This repository has been defunct for a long time.

It also probably means you have not managed your pacnews.

You can rebuild this if you want.
But what is it ?
Do you need it?

Technically there is nothing to ‘fix’.
The package manager has nothing to do.

The last one is arguable - the package manage ‘believes’ the AUR version of libstrangle is older.
You could do with that information what you will.

But it is also apparent that you have maintenance to do.

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I’m checking the maintenance right now, thanks for the help!

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