Error uninstalling Flatpak?

I uninstalled Flatpack with:

sudo rm -r /var/lib/flatpak

rm -r ~/.local/share/flatpak    

But whenever I was once in the settings of Pamac, ~/.local/share/flatpak is created again. Does this mean that everything is not yet uninstalled from Flatpak?

Why not removing it by

sudo pacman -Rsn flatpak


Removing local files in ~/.local/share/flatpak is a good idea but just in addition.

This will probably not work now, since Flatpack is already gone.

I doubt it. Removing files to remove a package is, let’s say sub-optimal. :rofl:

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Fehler: Ziel nicht gefunden: flatpak

For exact this reason. I’m sure you still have residues of flatpak causing the issue why you opened this topic. You could re-install it and remove it again (this time both by pacman).

So I should install Flatpak again before to be able to uninstall it properly?

sudo pacman -S flatpak ?

thx :ok_hand:t2:

Don’t forget: Installing only after updating your system. :wink:

Can I do the same with snapd? Have so far only removed it with pamac remove snapd.

Yes, of course.

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Nevertheless, the folder ~/.local/share/flatpak is now back.
I am not interested in this empty folder, but in the mystery of its appearance … :thinking:

Maybe it never disappeared, try sudo

sudo rm -r ~/.local/share/flatpak

OK, that brings the desired result. I would never have thought of doing something with sudo in the home-folder … THANKS!

After a few restarts: YES, the folder is back … the ghost in the shell … :ghost:

There are also plugins for pamac

Could be that creates the folder? :thinking: :crossed_fingers:


sudo pacman -R pamac-flatpak-plugin

I got an error: Fehler: Ziel nicht gefunden: pamac-flatpak-plugin

In addition, there is nothing more to be found in the settings of pamac from Flatpak.

Just a thought: after I uninstalled snap and flatpak on the current Manjaro (KDE), ostree appeared in the orphaned files. I was not sure and marked it as “Explicitly installed”. But now I read that ostree is also used by flatpack. Could this be a connection?

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