Error Trying to Run Win10 VM

Okay so I am trying to run Windows 10 x86 from Virtual Box but I receive an error stating that the Kernel driver is not installed (rc=-1908). Furthermore it recommends running the command ‘/sbin/vboxconfig’ but my CL tells me that the command is not found.

Fyi I am running Linux59 kernel with an AMD A9-9425 RADEON R5 processor

How did you install VirtualBox? Did you follow the instructions?

I guess your missing the modules for your kernel. Also, I guess 5.9 is outdated and you should update to a more recent one like 5.15.

As @mithrial said Kernel 5.9 is outdated and no more supported by manjaro. So there are no virtualbox-host-module packages for this kernel anymore.

Please take a look at the wiki how to install another kernel. I would suggest 5.10 or 5.15 cause both are marked as LTS kernels.

So if you had still installed virtualbox the virtualbox-host-modul for the new kernel should be installed automatically while installing the new kernel.

There is also a VirtualBox post in the wiki. The “Install VirtualBox”-section aims to your problem. :wink: