Error: target not found: linux59-nvidia-418xx

I’m trying to install Manjaro KDE on my HP Elitebook 8570w. I download the ISO from the website and on boot It asks me to boot with open source or proprietary drivers.

I selected proprietary drivers and then it was stuck at:
Reached traget Graphical Interface

I had to reboot and select boot with open source.

My external screen is 1920 x 1080 screen and I don’t have any option for 1920 x 1080.

I have 1024 x 768 Max.

I can’t control my primary screen brightness.

My Graphics Card is Nvidia Quadro K1000M

When I try to install drivers from hardware configuration. it say changes failed:
error: target not found: linux59-nvidia-340xx

I have tried to change my kernal to Linux 5.4.80-2 LTS. still no luck :frowning:

I’m new to Linux and Manjaro.

How can I fix this?

Reload the ISO and select the opensource drivers. If your system want’s to install 340 then your graphics should be reasonably well supported by the opensource driver (xf86-video-nouveau).

There has been some topics lately with relation to Nvidia support and I know that many drivers have been dropped.

But mhwd still lists some of the dropped drivers - from what I see when I search for nvidia only these are available (unstable branch)

➜  ~ pamac search linux59-nvidia
linux59-nvidia-390xx                                         390.132-8    extra 
    NVIDIA drivers for linux.
linux59-nvidia                                   [Installed] 455.45.01-3  extra 
    NVIDIA drivers for linux.

What is required to get your graphics to run with proprietary drivers - I cannot tell - I am no expert on the matter.

Maybe another @ManjaroTeam member know what is required.

Judging from the list of supported devices - some a close but yours are not mentioned - are you sure of the version?

From another search it appears your device is supported by 419.x which is no longer in the repo

You can check what is in the branches using Manjaro - Branch Compare - if you get an datatables message - just reload the page - filter the packages using nvidia keyword.

You will see what packages are available - and if unstable is showing n/a - then it is removed and will disappear from testing and stable as well.