Error: symbol "grub_calloc" not found and system doesn't boot

Hello all,
I’ve been running manjaro for probably 1 year and has been going relatively smoothly up until recently, and now I am quite stuck…

When trying to boot I have been getting this error message:
“No device specified for hibernation”

But up until today I was still able to boot from a live usb and try to sort it out, but now I can’t even seem to boot from the usb & was just given this error:

Error:symbol “grub_calloc” not found.
Entering rescue mode…

Background info: I’m on a macbook pro & using kde plasma
Ummmm I’m not sure what other info to give that could help…
Plz lwet me know what steps to take to hopefully restore this
Thank you so much in advance

Sounds like a proper Grub re-installation is needed to me. From the USB environment. But if you can not even boot to USB, this is weird.

//EDIT: ok I mixed messages, this one is from the USB, so I suggest to recreate a live USB properly then.

//EDIT2: quick forum search ERROR: resume: no device specified for hibernation