*ERROR* retrieve_link_cap: Invalid RX 128b_132b_supported_link_rates

After applying updates recently I have lost the ability to connect to one of my monitors. I have two identical monitors, one connected via HDMI, one via DP.

The only error I can directly trace to this is:
kernel: [drm:retrieve_link_cap [amdgpu]] ERROR retrieve_link_cap: Invalid RX 128b_132b_supported_link_rates

That error comes from this code:

I cannot find a description for the error anywhere. From the context I think something has gone wrong detecting what the capabilities of the DisplayPort connection are.

If this happened the 1st time I connected the monitor I might think it was the cable or monitor itself, but this happened after a kernel upgrade.

Any suggestions for further diagnosing this, or am I stuck waiting on a kernel upgrade to save me? How stable is the 6.0.0rc4-1 that’s published to core? Do I install downgrade and try to roll back to the previous kernel?

Where do you even go to report this sort of issue? Do I try and join some kernel mailing list and report it there?

Hope someone can help!

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It’s a release candidate, not a stable kernel yet. Use either the mainline kernel or one of the supported LTS kernels.