ERROR: resume: hibernation device ... not found

When trying to boot my system, I get the following error:

ERROR: resume: hibernation device 'UUID=b684...' not found
[ TIME ] Timed out waiting for device /dev/disk/by-uuid/b684...
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for /dev/disk/by-uuid/b684...
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for Swap.

I get this after a few days of not using the computer (I am pretty sure I powered if off completely after the last use).

I have looked through posts on the forum that report similar problems, but so far I am unsure about how to proceed. Any help is greatly appreciated! Please let me know if/what additional information is required.

So you've set to have a swap at that particular partition, which is however, is missing now.

$ sudo blkid

should list available partitions, you can then find which one is your swap by looking for TYPE="swap".
Next, edit /etc/default/grub, look for lines containing resume=UUID=. Change the UUID to the one you've found in earlier command.

$ sudo update-grub

and you're done.

If you simply don't want hibernation feature, just remove that resume=UUID=xxx and execute update-grub.

Thanks for the quick reply. I now recall that when using the computer the last time I must have messed up the partitioning of my disk somehow (when attempting to format a USB drive): I probably deleted my swap partition, as I don't see one when running sudo blkid. It does still appear in my /etc/fstab, though. Can I just create a new swap partition and then update the resume=UUID= line in /etc/default/grub accordingly to restore the previous state?

Yes, that's the way to do it. Don't forget

sudo update-grub

after changing the grub file.

You might want to update the one in /etc/fstab, too. Otherwise, it won't be mounted as swap.

I did also update the corresponding entry in /etc/fstab. Now it works again. Thanks a lot for your help!

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