Error message on closing the laptop lid

Hello everyone,
So recently I've been trying to resolve a bug with my MSI GS65 where the screen would not lock when I close the lid, instead, I would get this message:
None of the screen lock tools ran successfully the screen will not be locked

I tried to play with /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf but with no success. Does any of you know how to solve this issue and get the session lock screen instead of this message when I close the laptop lid? I'm running Manjaro Deepin. Thank you.

Supposing you have read this
There is a note regarding power management that states - Partially Working and requires a proper configuration as described here

Yes I did read that article but I don't think my issue is related to power management. I'm not trying to put the laptop in suspend/hibernation mode but I just want to lock it when I close the lid (and afaik it was working the first time I installed Manjaro then something has changed during an update I believe and I started receiving that message). Is it still related to power management in that case? Thank you

Try a different kernel, higher or lower. No need to remove your present kernle, just select one from Grub Boot Menu once is installed and you rebooted.

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