Error: manjaro-firmware: key "Ramon Buldó <>" is disabled

Are you up to date? See: Pacman-mirrors - Manjaro

No idea how @linux-aarhus’s mirror being not up to date has anything to do with your issue, let alone why it’s marked as the solution.,

You should have manjaro-keyring 20220504-2.

My ISP changed my static IP - thus my mirror has no longer access to the repo server.

I did change my domain IP’s to the new IP but I totally forgot the repo server is also required to be updated - I realized that yesterday :slight_smile:

It would be easier to review the packages as there’s only 9 build signed by Ramon

  • gtk-theme-breath
  • lib32-libmng
  • lib32-qtcurve-gtk2
  • lib32-qtcurve-uitils
  • maia-icon-theme
  • maia-wallpaper
  • maia-xfce-icon-theme
  • manjaro-firmware
  • sddm-maia-theme

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