Error in Guide about filesystem passthrough in KVM with virt-manager? [informed opinion wanted]

I’m trying to set up a shared folder between Manjaro host and Windows 10 guest in a KVM managed by virt-manager following this guide:
The screenshot looks like this with Source path being /tmp/share

But the command mention /tmp/host_files

# mkdir /tmp/host_files
# mount -t 9p -o trans=virtio,version=9p2000.L /hostshare /tmp/host_files

Should the screenshot have been Source path: /tmp/host_files then?

The Source path in the picture is form the Host not the VM (Guest). The /tmp/host_files is a suggested folder in VM.

So basically, it shows how to make the Host folder /tmp/share available in the Guest as /tmp/host_files by using /hosyshare as a target path in the VM.

But the commands are Linux only. I don’t know how 9p works in Windows, and if it works at all.

Ah, I see now, thanks for reading! (instead of me :blush:)

That’s a good next question. If it doesn’t work in Windows (but other redirect from questions about Windows to this guide), then there is a way with Samba, but I’d like to avoid added complexity.

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