Error i3 pacman command

Trying to clear out useless apps and dependencies… When I enter sudo pacman -R $(pacman -Qdtq) after password, I get an error “no targets specified”… when I enter pacman -Qdtq there is no output meaning all cleared. Is this a normal behavior since all cleared?

Hi @gychang,

I’m no expert, and do not try to give myself away as one. As far as I can tell, the q in

pacman -Qdtq

is for quiet. So it stands to reason some of the output would be suppressed.

No, I don’t know what our why as mine isn’t quiet. But I imagine if there are no errors and everything is working, then there isn’t any problem.

no , remove only dependencies
if error : is that you do not have any orphan dependency (if we use pacman -Rs it’s normal)

just confused as “no targets specified”…, guess there is nothing wrong with command working?

If pacman -Qdt prints nothing, then there are indeed no targets to remove passing it to sudo pacman -R.

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