Error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies) :: installing nvidia-utils (495.44-6) breaks dependency 'nvidia-utils=470.63.01' required by linux513-nvidia

i can’t update my manajro showing this error

Your kernel is EOL and who knows if you actually want 495.

Install a different kernel, boot into it, remove 513, move on.

no i want 513 kernel few days back it is updating but i cancelled update because i have limited internet but today i have internet thats why i want to full upgrade but it isn’t updating actually i have 2 kernel installed 510 & 513 is default

im noob for this kinda errors so can you please specify solution what to do

As cscs posted 5.13 is end of life meaning it’s no longer supported.You need to install 5.14 or 5.15 . since you already have the 5.10 kernel installed you can reboot into that kernel then do updates and remove 5.13.

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Like this:

But also remove after booting into a supported kernel.
(sudo mhwd-kernel -r linux513)

Here is the wiki which will explain more, including the GUI tool.

Well then you might also be in a partial-upgrade situation which would be its own kind of broken.

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yup done back to work i removed 513 now my default kernel is 510 working fine and update also showing thank you so much guys

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