Error during AUR updates


Under KDE, during the updates, I receive each time this message:
parallel: Warning: $HOME not set. Using /tmp

This does not affect the operation of my computer, but is it normal?

If not, how can I fix the problem?

I read a post that relates that this would be coming from zsh, but I don’t see any correspondence in .zshrc.

So can I leave this as is or is there a fix doctors?

Thanks to everyone.


Neither do I and I’ve never received that error.

What’s the output of:

cat /etc/makepkg.conf | grep BUILDDIR

Also check if you have a makepkg.conf in ~/.config/pacman/ or ~/.config/

Hello Yochanan,
The return is : #BUILDDIR=/tmp/makepkg
And I’ve no makepkg.conf in ~/.config or ~/.config/pacman.

I’ve also looked in ~/.config/pamac/config and there it’s wrote:
width = 1355 software_mode = true maximized = false height = 550
And, sorry, but I don’t understand: I fixed this with ((!) additional entry (!)): # due to parallel error: # ZDOTDIR=$HOME export HOME="/home/[username]

Where I have to put this? In the .zshrc?

In the pamac preferences, I also tried to change the location of the AUR build folder.
But no matter where I put a new folder, xdg-desktop-portal-kde doesn’t want to open it except the ones that are preselected, i.e. /tmp or whole disks, even my external ones.