Error: Couldn't download swaylock-effects : Maximum file size exceeded

Hello @boredland
trying to update today I get this error
Error: Couldn't download 'swaylock-effects-1.6.10-4-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst' from : Maximum file size exceeded

As a workaround I installed swaylock which uninstalled swaylock-effectsas a conflicting package and I could do the update.

Hi there. That is certainly strange. Can you download it here?

By the way: please switch to the new domain, as explained on that page. This should however not effect your issue.

I experienced the same issue with the same package. I also worked around it by replacing swaylock-effects with swaylock. I don’t have any other insight.

Can you download and install it from the repo directly?

I see, it’s just a bad way of pacman telling us about a signature mismatch. Will reupload and try again.

further investigation shows, that this is an issue with how pacman works when removing a package file and re-adding it again (which I did for that particular package). I now hopefully future proved that by re-creating the library when repo-add is being run.

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